SWF Widgets

SWF Widgets 1.6

porting existing Windows forms app to wxWidgets toolkit
1.6 (See all)

WF Widgets is a tool written to help porting existing Windows Forms applications to wxWidgets toolkit.
wxWidgets is a cross-platform toolkit that has been optimized over time to make writing dialogs by hand as easy as possible, but this approach has limitations as soon as dialogs reach a certain complexity. Even without the inevitable number of typos, writing nice looking dialogs is a hassle and reordering the items in a dialog often amounts to rewriting the dialog from scratch. In addition to being quite some work, writing dialogs also requires a profound and exact knowledge of the syntax used for creating and positioning dialog items.

Windows Forms is a framework for building Windows client applications that utilize the common language runtime. Windows Forms applications can be written in any language that the common language runtime supports. Some of the advantages of using Windows Forms include the following:
Implicity and power
Lower total cost of ownership
Architecture for controls
Rich graphics
Flexible controls
Design-time support

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